Orthotics: Pros and Cons

Custom Orthotics: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Orthotics Owen Sound

Custom Orthotics are customized insoles made to your feet. Here at Sound Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic we do a thorough exam which involves a gait analysis, assessment of lower limb joints and scan of the foot while sitting, as well as walking. Custom Orthotics are great at decreasing foot or other joint pains in the lower limb, providing stability and correcting biomechanics. However, if you are interested in orthotics it is important to understand that there are some negative aspects to consider.


  • Personalized insoles made to fit your foot. You know how no fingerprint is alike, your foot is similar. Your genetics, life experiences, and the shoes you have worn throughout your life all shape your foot. Your right and left foot insole may not even be the same. Therefore, it is a great benefit to you, to have the insole of your shoe customized to how your foot is structured and how that structure affects its movements.
  • Your feet support your spine! Custom orthotics help to keep your ankles, knees, hips and spine in the proper position. This helps your joints move in a coordinated motion together. This results in decreasing the chance of pain in your lower limbs and back.
  • Feet take a beating. Everyday we are up walking and pounding on them. Custom orthotics can help decrease the symptoms people experience from fatigue and tension in the muscles of the feet.


  • Your intrinsic foot muscles are working less because your foot is being supported by the insole. This can be good for pain relief in some cases, but if you wear orthotics for years in all your shoes, your feet can become deconditioned.
  • Custom orthotics are expensive and if you do not have insurance this one point can outweigh all the positives. What we recommend for people who don’t want to jump right into custom orthotics is to try an over the counter insole such as Superfeet. These insoles can be found at stores such as Sport Chek and are great alternatives to see if you can get some relief. It can also help you determine if you want to make the investment in custom orthotics.

If you have any questions regarding custom orthotics, want to learn more or would like to order a pair, call us at 519-376-5657 or book online.

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