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What to expect on the initial chiropractic visit?

  • Your first visit to a chiropractor at Sound Chiropractic can last up to 45 minutes, and will
    consist of a thorough history, physical examination and a diagnosis of the chief
    complaint (reason for the visit). During the history, the Doctor will be engaging you in a
    conversation that provides information and will help lead towards a diagnosis.
  •  The physical examination will consist of many tests geared toward delivering a proper
    diagnosis to your area of concern. Components of the physical examination often
    include procedures such as: range of motion testing, neurological, orthopaedic and
    functional muscle tests.
  • After the examination, the Doctor will describe to you what they have found and will
    provide you with a diagnosis and work with you to create an individualized treatment
    plan that best suits your needs.
  • If you haven’t downloaded the initial consult forms, please arrive at the clinic up to 10
    minutes early to fill out the paperwork.

How are chiropractic doctors trained?

  • Chiropractors are regulated primary healthcare professionals.
  • Chiropractors are highly educated and extensively trained to assess, diagnose, treat and
    prevent conditions and disorders of the spine, joints, muscles, and nervous system.
    There is a minimum of 7 years of post-secondary education required to become a
    licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and hundreds of hours of clinical training and hand-on

What is an adjustment?

  • An adjustment is also known as spinal manipulative therapy (SMT). This is when a doctor
    provides a quick thrust to a specific joint in your body to restore normal function while
    relieving pain and discomfort

Are chiropractic treatments covered by OHIP?

  • No, however, extended healthcare providers (work benefits) do cover chiropractic care.
    Please check with your extended health benefits plan to see if you have coverage. No
    referral is necessary to see a chiropractor

Do you do direct billing?

  • We do offer direct billing through Telus health.
  • Insurance companies we can do direct billing with include:
    • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
    • Cowan
    • Desjardins Insurance
    • The Great West Life Assurance Company
    • Industrial Alliance Financial Group
    • Johnson
    • Johnston Group
    • Manulife
    • Maximum Benefit
    • Standard Life
    • Sun Life Financial
    • Green Shield Canada
    • SSQ
    • Blue Cross