The Body-Swing Connection

golf fitness Grey Bruce

Do you find yourself struggling to hit the ball consistently? Are you sore after playing a round of golf? If you answered yes to the above questions, you may have an inefficient swing style. An inefficient swing could be the result of a lack of or too much movement in areas of your body.

As a TPI certified expert I seek to educate the playing public on the importance of the body and how it relates to the golf swing. There is not one way to swing a club, but rather there is an infinite number of ways to swing a club. However, there is one efficient way for every player to swing and it is based on what that player can do physically.

The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer, because efficiency is related to how we move, and everyone moves differently or has different limitations. To achieve an efficient swing, a golfer should first be screened. The screen involves a current health history including any past injuries, an assessment of swing mechanics and biomechanics, physical fitness, and movement quality.

Why do we do a movement screen?

Movement screens are used to identify faulty stability patterns and altered mobility better than isolated musculoskeletal exams. For example, if a player is lacking mobility in their hips, this would often result in result in decreased power as the player would not be able to transfer there energy efficiently. Furthermore, if the player is lacking stability in their core, this would make it difficult for the player to maintain their posture and generate speed.

What can alter a movement pattern?

There are four things that can alter a normal movement pattern. This is important to understand in order to prevent the faulty patterns from coming back. They are:

  1. Traumas: Accidents, posture, repetitive injuries

  2. Thoughts: Stress, anxiety, depression

  3. Toxins: What you eat, what you breathe, what you drink

  4. Technique: Poor learned skills and muscle patterns

Once the screen is complete, the results are used to create a plan unique to that golfer. The plan may include fitness training, manual therapy and treatment, coaching of swing mechanics, nutrition, mental strategy or all of the above.

If your looking to add more distance and/or consistency to your golf game this season, or would like to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us.




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