Pelvis Function and Pregnancy: The Webster Technique

Pelvis function is very important for the mother and baby throughout pregnancy. Having the pelvis function correctly can mean less pain for the mother throughout pregnancy, as well as a more comfort for the growing baby and an easier labor.

The sacrum is the bone that attaches your spine to your pelvic bones (ilium #2 in picture). In pregnancy with the increased in relaxin (hormone), ligaments increase in laxity. This laxity contributes to an increase likelihood that the sacroiliac joints have dysfunction or become fixated. When this happens opposing muscles and ligaments become tight and lead to further decrease in function of the pelvis.


Pregnancy and chiropractic


The Webster technique is a specific analysis of the sacrum (#1 in picture). It involves correction via chiropractic adjustment and soft tissue therapy. The goal of the pelvis adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral fixation allowing the pelvis to function optimally. Sacral fixation may contribute to difficult labor caused by inadequate uterine function, pelvic contraction, and baby-malpresentation.


The Webster Technique

  1. The first step in the Webster technique is checking tension in the pelvis. This is done with the mother laying on her stomach and the doctor bending her knees, bringing her heels toward her buttock.
  2. Usually there is more tension on one side. This is the Webster side where the sacrum is fixated.
  3. The doctor will do an adjustment to this side of the sacrum typically using a drop-piece on the chiropractic table.
  4. Next step is to release the musculature and ligaments most commonly the piriformis muscle and sacrotuberus ligament. A press and hold technique is frequently used, and the doctor may move the patient’s leg or have the patient do certain motions.
  5. The mother is then turned on her back where the round ligament, psoas and sometimes the pubis symphysis are assessed and cared for.


webster technique Owen Sound


This technique aims to restore the proper neuro-biomechanics of the pelvis. Furthermore, this technique could allow for a more comfortable pregnancy and labor for both the mother and the baby!

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