The Road to Recovery

“How long will it take me to recover?”

“When will I be out of pain?”

These are common questions we as chiropractors get asked by our patients. Pain is not desirable, so getting rid of pain is often the goal of patients seeking care due to pain. Depending on the issue and other variabilities, we can give the patient an estimation of how many weeks it might take them to get better.

But like many other things in life, the path to recovery is not straight. The recovery process has ups and downs. road, recovery, journey, prognosisYou may have good days, followed by bad days. Know that this is normal. Some days you may feel that your progress is slow. Other days you may forget about your issue all together. But then you will be reminded of it the next day or in a couple of days.


Remember that the road to recovery is winding and never straightforward. With injury, the body’s capacity (ability to preform physical demands) can decrease. You must build up to what your body use to be able to do. Throughout recovery and after, there must be work put in to maintain and build your body’s capacity.

It is important to not get discouraged. On those days where you feel like you have made no progress, just remember that you are moving forward on your road to recovery.

If you have any questions on how chiropractic can help on your road to recovery or how to increase your body’s capacity, feel free to contact us here or book an appointment here

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