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Patient-Centered Care

By rachel / November 15, 2018 /

What is Patient-centered care? You will often hear us and other health care providers us the term “patient-centered care.” While this may seem self-explanatory not many people truly understand what it means. Patient-centered care is the practice of caring for patients in ways that are meaningful and valuable to the individual patient.  It includes listening…

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Do you think about your spine health?

By rachel / October 16, 2018 /

If you ask someone if they see a chiropractor, a common response is “I have never needed to, knock on wood.” This is because they only consider chiropractors for when they experience pain. Majority of people don’t consider going to see a Chiropractor for a check up like they do the doctor, or a cleaning…

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chiropractic history

Chiropractic: History & Education

By rachel / October 11, 2018 /

Chiropractic History The word Chiropractic comes from the Greek words, cheir (meaning hand) and the word praktos (meaning done) becoming done by hand. It was named by its founder Daniel David Palmer. DD Palmer was born in Port Perry, Ontario. He moved to the USA in 1865 where he practiced as a magnetic healer. Chiropractic…

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